Friday, April 13, 2007


Wow, I haven't posted for a really long time. For some reason my computer wasn't allowing me to upload anything.

This year at school really hasn't been great. My life is filled with work, work and more work and very little time for photography.

In December, I traveled to Cambodia. An amazing place that I will definitely return to within the next few years. It was a place filled with unlimited photographic opportunities and an tragic history.
These are only some of the photographs that I took. They were taken with a Nikon F100 and a 28 and 50mm. They were shot with Ilford Delta and Tri-X.

These are not very good scans, but I guess they are something. I have almost finished printing up the better of the photographs and I will try and get those posted as soon as I can.

Any comments are appreciated,
Paul Ballen